The importance of value vs. cost

Over the last few years I have certainly learnt (the hard way) one important aspect of running this type of business and working with a large range of client projects.

When I say this type of business I mean in an industry and market conditions where many mis-conceptions exist, an enthusiasm for DIY and tackling exterior projects, and a large difference in skills and experience in local professional competition, with new competitors starting and sharply realizing that they can undercut the competition who are professional and cost accordingly for a quick and lucrative earning, and have seen some people that have made a career from this. I certainly do not want to be one of these landscapers and frankly want to sleep at night.

I would like to share with my prospective clients and colleagues an important lesson that I have learnt without causing any offence. The professional tradesmen that I have met in my five years so far have explained that there is a mantra to be remembered when quoting – its OK to walk away from a potential project if the client does not agree with a proper project specification and the related costs that you proposed.

I have learnt that it is not only my ethical and professional duty but makes absolute business sense to transparently explain while quoting the extent of the works required, the level of detail in process and technique for a sound implementation, visually pleasing outcome and most importantly longevity which I see increasingly more and more as an issue in this environmental climate.

I now understand when I used to go out with my father’s friend a reputable builder the extent of the effort he used to input was simply to complete a professional job.

The above image that has been making the rounds of people with the same opinions really summarise how I see this industry split into skill levels and related outcomes. It’s an important message for people seeking to make home improvements of any kind to not follow the money (half of the customers I speak to do know this) but the transparency of any potential service providers to talk you through the process of what they propose and research accordingly.

Unfortunate for some in this world you do get what you pay for.

I have been reading articles from AJ Mcormic & Son est.1957 for some years which is quite frankly one of the most impressive resources for this industry I have ever found with a humanistic tone from a man of great experience. I recommend anyone to check out this website before undertaking and hard landscaping ground works.


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